Key Features

This form quickly captures the minimum information needed to effectively enter a newly identified case in the peer review queue.

  • Patient identifiers are intentionally limited to Account and Medical Record to better support maintenance of confidentiality.
  • The MR Comment field appears on the medical records request for the committee meeting.
  • The Case ID is automatically generated.
  • The nested sub-forms enable support staff to see all cases and events related to a specific patient episode of care.  They help to assure that duplicate records are not created.
  • The tab key facilitates navigation through the data fields.
  • Pick lists promote data integrity.
    • Entry of the first few characters jumps to the desired place on the list.
    • The lists display all the information needed to make the correct selection, even though a code may display in this screen shot.
    • For example, the Harm Score (optional) codes are matched to their descriptors in the pick list.
    • Those lists subject to frequent change, such as the medical staff directory, can be accessed without having to exit this screen.
  • Throughout PREP-MSTM, clinicians are consistently selected in the same manner - via a lookup function keyed to the last name.
    • The clinician confirmation field automatically displays full information about the choice.
  • The Case Scenario is intended to alert the reviewer to key issues that have already been identified.
    • It will print on the review assignment sheet.
  • PREP-MSTM has a comprehensive built-in taxonomies for the Source for case identification, the Reason for Review, and the Event. These are critical for ongoing improvement of case identification and selection.
  • The PSWP indicator and notes button provide essential support for PSO reporting if applicable.

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