This sample action letter demonstrates how PREP-MSTM makes it easy for peer review support staff to work more efficiently and effectively.

It's even simpler now that reviewers can compose such correspondence directly in the system, rather than handwrite, dictate or copy/paste from other programs.

A number of key elements in the letter can be customized according to organizational needs and preferences.  For example, the statutory protection language in the footer will be specific to the requirements of you hospital's risk manager or legal counsel.  The due date for response is automatically calculated based on the date of the letter (1).  It can be suppressed by changing default settings.  So can the invitation to join a committee meeting (5).

The opening (2) and closing (4) paragraphs of the letter template can be easily modified to your preferences.

The CC: field on the letter can be standardized for all committees or entirely supressed (6)

Such automation allows the reviewer to focus professional expertise on developing the specific comments for the educational offering, backed whenever possible by literature references (3).

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hotspot PREP-MS Letter of Education report

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