Peer Review Impact

Peer review is of little use, if it can't be shown to improve quality of care.

For maximum impact, the peer review program should:

  • Measure clinical performance
  • Offer timely performance feedback
  • Initiate action to improve clinical processes
  • Support a culture of no blame for human error and accountability for behavioral choices

The epitome of ineffective peer review would be all talk and no action.

Thus, it's important to know what actions, if any, are initiated by review committees.  PREP-MSTM not only supports the documentation of actions taken, it can generate letters in a snap.  It can also be used to capture the information that might be personally communicated to a clinician.

While peer review committees may not be positioned to solve all problems, they should be equipped to triage appropriately.  This module not only captures critical data for reporting purposes, but also expedites the process of communication.  We present an example of both an educational letter to an individual clinician and a memo appropriately triaging a hospital process improvement opportunity.

Tasks can be assigned to assure the implementation of committee actions. This function is also available from the Program Governance Center where you can find related screen shots.

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Sample Educational Letter

Sample System Improvement Opportunity Memo