PREP-MSTM offers a full suite of reports by clinician to support FPPE/OPPE and performance feedback. They all embed the PREPSM best-practice approach to clinical performance measurement during the case review process. If you are not familiar with my philosophy regarding clinical performance measurement, I strongly recommend that you review my white paper on the subject: Clinical Performance Measurement Whitepaper. Here are brief descriptions corresponding to the button labels that appear on the Report Central Form:

Department Profile - gives the overall department summary - a component of the Clinician Profile.

Clinician Comparison - for each module type, shows all clinicians in the department having that module scored during the selected time period, the count of such modules and average score vs. the department average score.

Reappointment Profile - a package that combines Modules Scores, Element Scores, Event Evaluation Scores and Performance Elements by clinician, with comparison to department averages, in a form suitable for inclusion in the reappointment folder.

Peer Review Summary - a list by department of all clinicians subject to peer review in the specified time period with case-level information including any clinician-related actions.

Clinician Profile - the same as the Clinician Reappoint Profile, but with a personalized cover letter and explanation of the scoring, suitable for mailing to each clinician having at least 3 modules scored during the selected time period.  This cumulative report complements the Case Score report that can be generated and distributed following every review.  It can be further enhanced with core measures data, when that module is used.

Events by Clinician - gives the list of case numbers, by Event type for which the clinician was most closely associated along with with the Reason for Review, excluding screened cases.

Performance Elements - gives the count of compliance and non-compliance for explicit measures of clinical performance, along with the overall percent compliance and the count of "not applicable" cases, by clinician.  A building block of the Clinician Profiles.

Unreviewed Events - gives a list of cases by associated clinician for which committee review has not been done, for event dates in specified range, based on all screened cases meeting departmental criteria for peer review. One would expect to find very few cases of this type. The report complements the clinician profile to give the total picture of what was identified vs. what was reviewed. It can also provide a double-check for bias or favoritism in the review process.

Reviewed-Unreviewed - gives the list of all department members in rank order by number of modules scored via peer review. It is useful for determining which department members might need either additional case reviews or supplemental peer recommendations for reappointment purposes.

View White Paper:  Measuring Clinical Performance

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