DataDriverSM Overview

The capacity for organizational improvement is interdependent with the resident capability to extract information from data and to convey that information to others in a way that helps to motivate change.  Healthcare organizations frequently fall short particularly when the data relates to the performance of clinical professionals.

Moreover, when seeking improved performance, misinformed analytic approaches can send management down the wrong path. The organizational cost for such errors can be high. See an example of a common analytic error: Data Analysis and Display Case Study.

If you are seeking to leverage data in your information systems to generate improvements in quality, safety or resource use, let us help you negotiate the minefields.

Key Benefits

  • Quantify the improvement opportunity
  • Leverage data to drive change
  • Monitor progress

The DataDriverSM Approach

  • Assess improvement goals against existing sources & uses of data
  • Design an enhanced approach to data collection & reporting
  • Implement DataDriver design