The Client Should Only Pay for Value-Added

  • There is never a fee for travel time.
  • There is never a fee for inquiries regarding our products, services and research activities.
  • There is never a fee to a prospective client until we have clarified the goals, defined the scope of products and services, and agreed on terms.
  • Professional fees ordinarily exclude travel and other expenses incurred to deliver the value requested that may be billable to the client. For well-defined engagements, we can offer an option for all-inclusive pricing.
  • Quoted fees and prices exclude any applicable state and local taxes.

Professional Fees

Consulting Services
Standard billing rate: $400 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours for onsite services
Information Technology Services
Customization of PREP-MSTM Peer Review Program Management Software and any other information technology service not otherwise included in the software license agreement  (not available as an onsite service): $180 per hour
Administrative Service
Data entry and similar administrative assistant tasks: $30 per hour

Other Products and Services


The license for PREP-MSTM Peer Review Program Management Software includes everything the typical facility would require to effectively use the software with its pre-existing process: software configuration, installation, training materials, technical support and product upgrades. Please compare that apples to apples with your current vendor's offering. You should find that PREP-MSTM offers superior support for QI model peer review and much greater ROI.

The My PREPTM Package adds tools for quickly implementing QI Model peer review and measuring clinical performance, supported by a credit for 4 hours of consultation.

These products are priced according to the number of clinical staff subject to peer review, regardless of discipline (MD, DO, APRN, PA, RN, etc.) to assure that total support for the QI Model is available to all hospitals, surgi-centers and group practices.

Clinical Staff PREP-MSTM My PREPTM
≥100 $5,000 $8,500
50-99 $4,000 $7,500
25-49 $3,000 $6,000
<25 $2,000 $4,500

My PREPTM includes a 3 year license agreement for PREP-MSTM. The applicable My PREPTM fee is charged in first year and the PREP-MSTM fee applies to years 2 and 3. Discounts are available to multi-hospital systems and clinical peer review improvement cooperative participants. Contact us for details.

Annual program assessment has proved highly useful in identifying areas for ongoing program improvement and support process improvement. My PREPTM and PREP-MSTM clients can request a review of program data as needed. The data review report can be returned within 15 days of data transfer for a flat fee of $1,500.

PREPSM Pricing

For those whose desire consultative support, PREPSM is available in 3 levels of intensity. They are compared here in terms of the number of onsite consulting days allocated to each major project phase. Each package includes additional remote consulting time to facilitate completion of the overall project plan, the draft peer review policy, peer review forms applicable to identified types of clinical activity, and training materials for reviewers and for peer review support staff.

The Basic and Standard packages include a program assessment and report 12 months following implementation based on review of PREP-MSTM data and any documents provided. In the Complete package, this assessment also includes one onsite day for committee observation and interviews.

The Basic package may be adequate for a relatively simple organization that has already achieved firm commitment to implement the QI model. Otherwise, the Standard or Complete package would be a better choice since they provide for an onsite visit to assist in generating the enthusiasm and commitment needed for success. They also allow for more time to deal with organizational complexity.

Onsite Days included in PREPSM Package Options
Project Phase Basic Standard Complete
Assessment/Kickoff Data Only 1 2
Policy & Forms Development 2 2 3
Training 1 1 2
Annual Program Assessment Data Only Data Only 3

PREPSM packages include a 3 year license agreement for PREP-MSTM. The applicable PREPSM fee is charged in first year and the PREP-MSTM fee applies to years 2 and 3.

PREPSM Pricing
PREPSM Basic PREPSM Standard PREPSM Complete
$28,000 $37,500 $72,500

Medical Staff Opinion Survey Options and Pricing

Survey Option Price
Data Only $500
Report with Benchmarks $1,000
Report with Benchmarks, Analysis and Recommendations $1,500
Custom questions (first/each additional) $300/$100