PREP-MSTM Software:

Managing Clinical Peer Review Process & Data to Maximize Learning for Improvement

For a comprehensive demonstration of PREP-MSTM software, click on this image of the main control screen.

Key Benefits

  • Applicable to all clinical disciplines
  • Supports all aspects of the QI Model for peer review, including clinical performance measurement
  • Adaptable to your process and forms
  • Improves the efficiency of peer review support staff
  • Facilitates use by Reviewers and Committee Chairs
  • Transforms clinical peer review data to actionable information
  • Provides a complete suite of reports:
    • Review process communications
    • Committee management
    • Clinician profiles
    • Reviewer profile (to detect and manage bias)
    • Review process metrics
    • Process governance
    • Program outcomes

Additional Features

  • Accommodates multiple hospitals sharing a single medical staff directory
  • No restrictions on customization by licensed users
  • Optional reporting-only user interface
Clinical Peer Review Data Flow

Clinical peer review is a critical factor in shaping a culture of quality and safety. This is equally true for nursing, where performance evaluation by nurse managers may function de facto as peer review. Unfortunately, in the majority of hospitals, peer review actually perpetuates a culture of blame and inhibits progress in patient safety.

This needn't be the case. It is not difficult to adopt QI Model best practices. QA to QI offers a suite of products and services to facilitate change among physicians and nurses in any organization. Management of the clinical peer review process itself is an important piece of the journey. PREP-MSTM was designed on a clean slate to fully support the QI Model for clinical peer review. It has been refined over the past 6 years based on end-user experience to meet the needs of nursing and physician leaders.

PREP-MSTM software promotes efficient and effective management and governance of the entire clinical peer review process.  It extracts full value from performance measures made during the peer review process to generate the information that will help your program successfully drive clinical performance improvement. It also strongly supports Joint Commission requirements for FPPE/OPPE. PREP-MSTM software can be used as a stand-alone program management system even where the full QI Model is not adopted. Nevertheless, because of its strength in handling clinical performance measurements, the best value option for most organizations will be found in the complete My PREPTM package.

Long-term access to archived data using a familiar user interface can be assured for a nominal fee following termination of the standard licensing agreement. This maintains the ability to reproduce all reports, action letters, and clinician profiles. Quickly locate all data related to a given patient, clinician, or case review.