3/12/09 -- Wilson-Edwards Consulting announces the release of PREP-MSTM version 2.0.  Over the past 9 months, user experiences and special needs have fostered numerous improvements and refinements.  According to Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA,  Principal of Wilson-Edwards Consulting and developer of the software, this information system is a great example of the power of the quality improvement process.  "You start with a good idea and grow it incrementally based on the observed effect.  Pretty soon, you have something really powerful.  I was looking for an economical and efficient solution to the challenge of managing the medical staff peer review process and all its attendant data.  I was happy to have gotten it 90% right out of the starting gate.  The rest I learned from seeing how it works in practice and staying true to the goal.  My delight, however, was in arriving at a 200% solution instead of just the initial 100%.

For example, PREP-MSTM version 2.0 adds the capability to track and report Core Measures and similar variances.  Says Dr. Edwards, "One of my clients was not so interested in this function.  When I got them to look a little closer at how they were actually managing their physician-attributable performance data, we found huge wasted effort.  They were manually creating notification letters, cutting and pasting information into Word tables for tracking purposes, and re-entering much of the same data into an antiquated information system in order to generate reports.  Now, it's all done once in PREP-MSTM and is fully integrated with peer review data.  Letters and reports come out with a few button clicks.

Wilson-Edwards Consulting became QA to QI Consulting on June 26, 2009.