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A Complete Clinical Peer Review Program Improvement Package

My PREPTM provides all the essential tools that an organization would need to design and implement the evidence-based best practice QI Model for clinical peer review for physicians, nurses and other disciplines with a minimum of outside assistance. To fully appreciate the value of My PREPTM, please get familiar with PREPSM and PREP-MSTM.  Also, be sure to review our white paper, Measuring Clinical Performance.


  • Why blaze a new trail when you could quickly arrive at the destination on a super highway?
  • Do you want to risk at least 8-12 months of development efforts for much less benefit?


Clinical Peer Review Data Flow
  • A simple, time-tested solution to a complex improvement problem
  • Lowest cost option for adopting the complete QI Model
  • Efficient and effective data management
  • Easily adapted to any size organization
  • Flexible and customizable
  • You remain in complete control
  • Supplemental consultative support readily available
  • Optional annual program data assessment for a modest additional cost


PREP-MS main form screen shot
  • Comprehensive Owner’s Manual and guide to program improvement
  • Site license for the PREPTM comprehensive methodology and tools
  • Project startup consultation
  • Tools for measuring clinical performance during peer review
  • Template for peer review policy development
  • Templates for peer reviewer and support staff training
  • Site license for PREP-MSTM software
  • Technology support for software configuration and installation
Whitepaper:  Measuring Clinical Performance
Whitepaper:  The Peer Review Improvement Opportunity

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