This introduction to the My PREPTM Owner’s Manual gives you the flavor of its value in support of program improvement.


Thank you for choosing My PREPTM - a complete Do-it-Yourself package of tools that will help your organization adopt the QI Model peer review process with a minimum of outside assistance. I commend you for recognizing the need for change and for taking on the challenge of leading this improvement effort in your organization.

My PREPTM includes:

  • PREP-MSTM program management software
  • Software configuration and installation assistance
  • Sample peer review policy
  • Sample peer review forms
  • Sample training material
  • Supporting documents
  • Initial 4 hours of consulting support

This manual is intended to guide you, as the Executive Sponsor, in providing leadership for the design and successful implementation of a better clinical peer review process using these tools. I encourage you to skim it once. Then, go back to the various sections as needed. The manual begins with an overview of the QI Model, suggestions for measures of success, and thoughts on how to approach the task of organizational change. It then offers helpful detail for developing a project plan specific to implementing the QI Model in your organization. Finally, it delves into the content of the My PREPTM package and related topics.

The QI Model for clinical peer review promises to restore the effectiveness of the process for improving the quality and safety of care. For the past 30+ years, the profession has been trapped in a dysfunctional and outmoded QA process model. It is as if we’ve been living on a diet of sour pickles and suffering from chronic indigestion without realizing it was possible to enjoy tasty cake instead (along with a balanced diet!). The QI Model is the recipe for the tasty cake and My PREPTM is a fully equipped gourmet kitchen.

To get to your executive position, you’ve likely acquired considerable “cooking” experience, but might not have done much baking of tasty cakes. That’s OK. You can still be successful. You can generalize from your past experience. You also have considerable leeway to play with the recipe according to your preferences. If you substitute cinnamon for cardamom or add a little ginger, you’ll still end up with something more palatable than sour pickles. You do, however, need to provide fresh ingredients and mind the baking temperature and time.

To make it even easier for you and to provide an additional safety net, I structured My PREPTM to include a “platter” of consulting support. I am readily available to coach and assist. Just call me.

Once you and your medical staff taste the cake, you’ll be happy that you gave up your diet of sour pickles. You’ll likely want to go on to try a few more variations that embellish the recipe with frosting and sprinkles. That’s the whole idea! The program was designed for continuous improvement.

Along the way, you will likely find that some folks don’t want to give up their sour pickles. For them, tasty cake might as well be Green Eggs and Ham. If you remember, patience, persistence, and good humor gave that story a happy ending. So be prepared for noise from sour pickle lovers. Respect their issues and involve them in creative ways. Just don’t let them sabotage the process. Once everyone has tasted the finished product and experienced the feeling of superior digestion, the resistance will quickly subside.

I guarantee your satisfaction with My PREPTM. The package will do everything claimed. A Mercedes is guaranteed to work perfectly, both by reputation and manufacturer’s warrantee. Even if it provides extra protection in the event of a crash, good driving habits are still indispensible for accident avoidance. In a similar way, your attention and time will prove to be the critical factor for the ultimate success of this endeavor. Your biggest risk is distraction from competing priorities. No one will have greater commitment to your success than me. I can be of tremendous help – if you let me.

So, let’s get started!

Best Wishes for All Success,

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