Engaging Physicians in Quality and Safety

Hospital and physician leaders want to strengthen their engagement with the medical staff, yet often struggle to make progress. Periodic anonymous medical staff surveys can help to monitor the pulse of the relationship and identify opportunities for improvement, if the questionnaire connects to fundamental issues of concern to physicians.

Many of the available survey vehicles come up short in this regard. Alignment is a hospital issue, not a physician issue. The relative importance of money and hospital services can be assumed in a business relationship. This leaves the quality and safety of care as the "Elephant in the Room" which has not been adequately addressed. Our survey instrument builds on our experience in conducting 3 national studies of the relationship of clinical peer review to quality and safety.

Our Medical Staff Opinion Survey solves this problem.

Why not to take advantage of this simple, inexpensive service? You handle the communications. We provide a customizable online survey.

Email or call 860.5212.8484 to make arrangements or get further information.

Recommended Process

Paperless communication is preferred. You simply point medical staff members to the survey website with a hyperlink, and we handle the rest of the process. Clients who wish to license the survey for paper distribution and data collection need to arrange for data entry.

Pre-Survey Announcement
Joint memo from the hospital president and medical staff leadership announcing the survey and its purpose sent about one week prior to data collection
Survey Invitation
A brief invitation recapitulating the value of the exercise and presenting a hyperlink for accessing the survey.
Typically one or at most two reminder notices at 7-10 day intervals are sufficient to generate an adequate response rate

Options and Pricing

Survey Option Price
Data Only $500
Report with Benchmarks $1,000
Report with Benchmarks, Analysis and Recommendations $1,500
Custom questions (first/each additional) $300/$100