Economical and Easy to Use

3/27/08 -- Wilson-Edwards Consulting announces the release of PREP-MSTM, a data management system to support improvements in hospital medical staff peer review.  According to Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA,  Principal of Wilson-Edwards Consulting, this information system was developed to meet the needs and budget of physician leaders who lack sophisticated information systems infrastructure.  Says Dr. Edwards, "I found that some clients who adopted our peer review enhancement program were not leveraging the vast amount of information made available to them.  We built PREP-MSTM to provide a turn-key data and process management solution."

"One client had a backlog of 18 months of structured review data, because anticipated IT support never materialized.  We were able to  get this information processed and analyzed within a few days with the aid of PREP-MSTM.  The analysis revealed several quick-hit opportunities for important additional improvements in peer review process."

"We designed the system for ease of use.  All the complexity of data management runs in the background.  Data captured from peer review activity gets re-used to produce committee minutes, letters to physicians, and the like.  The system is built on the Microsoft Access platform and can be easily customized.  We anticipate, however, that most customers will use it as is, right out of the box."

Wilson-Edwards Consulting became QA to QI Consulting on June 26, 2009.