In clinical peer review:

  •   The Reason for Review is like the admitting diagnosis.
  •   The Event is like the final diagnosis (established after further study).

We lack good data on what would be the high payback triggers for peer review in the framework of the QI Model for peer review.

The generic screens that came into vogue in the 80's have low specificity even for substandard care.  Despite this, they are the default starting point for most organizations.  Physicians also like to capture factors that may have contributed to an event.  PREP-MSTM readily accommodates this desire.  It remains to be seen what value this has in relation to identifying and acting on learning opportunities.

This data feeds some of the key reports that you will find in the Program Management Center.

On these and other questions, all PREP-MSTM users are invited to contribute to our research agenda to further improve peer review processes.

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