Improving Physician-Hospital Relations

10/9/07 -- Dr. Peter H. Shea, Medical Director and Chairman of the Division of Medical Services for William W. Backus hospital in Norwich Connecticut, announced the creation of a new sub-committee of the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) to provide oversight to the peer review process.  This is the first step towards implementation of the Peer Review Enhancement Program (PREPSM) from Wilson-Edwards Consulting.  Next month, the MEC is expected to endorse the new policy that defines the program.  Afterwards, training will commence to introduce reviewers to the changes to the process and to their responsibilities.

This will bring to fruition efforts that were initiated about seven months ago, when Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA, Principal, Wilson-Edwards Consulting, presented an overview of PREP to the MEC.  The concept was enthusiastically endorsed.  Says Dr. Shea, "We would have been ready to implement the program a long time ago, but got delayed due to competing priorities.  No matter:  the medical staff leadership wants and needs this to happen."

Backus has also been involved in a yearlong effort to improve physician-hospital relations.  Both sides are contributing to the partnership.  For the MEC, this means taking full ownership of peer review, which is an area of natural responsibility.  PREP is the vehicle to get there.

Dr. Shea first heard Dr. Edwards speak last November at the Physician Executive Meeting Group of the Connecticut Hospital Association.  The talk on improving peer review peaked his interest.  "Most of us in the room have struggled to make our peer review programs work," observed Dr. Shea.  "Marc had the whole thing laid out.  It was very compelling."

"PREP will give us better support for clinical performance improvement and interdepartmental communication.  Our medical staff can expect more timely and balanced feedback, including appreciation for excellent performance.  There should also be greater transparency of the process for the MEC and the Board.  Overall, it’s clearly the right thing to do."

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