Making the QI Model for Peer Review Widely Available

5/15/09 -- Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA of Wilson-Edwards Consulting announced today the release of My PREPTM, the first do it yourself total package for clinical peer review program improvement.  My PREPTM  provides all the essential tools that an organization would need to design and implement a QI Model for a clinical peer review program with a minimum of outside assistance.

"Our national survey of peer review practices identified significant improvement opportunity in terms of peer review process and program governance.  There are thousands of hospitals in this country alone, which could harvest this low hanging fruit for quality improvement if suitable tools were readily available.  This also has huge implications for how they address Joint Commission standards for focused and ongoing professional practice evaluation (FPPE/OPPE)."

The current economic climate has further upped the ante for low cost approach. Dr. Edwards notes that, "You can convey key concepts in journal articles, but not the comprehensive sorts of materials and tools required to successfully implement these types of changes. For example, once you recognize the value of structured peer review data, you face the challenge of how to collect and analyze it. This whole field has been neglected. Even resource-rich institutions with the leading quality management systems would have to make considerable computer programming investments to properly handle this kind of data. For this reason, My PREPTM includes a turn-key information system along with the practical tools needed to improve peer review."

My PREPTM is priced according to hospital size and complexity. Says Dr. Edwards, "I was particularly concerned to address the needs of the many small hospitals where the medical staff want to do the right thing, but are constrained by lack of resources."