Improving Patient Safety via Better Clinical Peer Review Process

1/11/2011 - The California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO, Sacramento, CA) and QA to QI Consulting (West Hartford, CT) have partnered to promote patient safety via better clinical peer review process. CHPSO provides Patient Safety Organization services to more than 200 healthcare facilities. CHPSO has been a pioneer in this growing field. QA to QI Consulting has been developing evidenced-based tools for improving healthcare quality, safety and resource use and has launched a Normative Clinical Peer Review Database Project Under the agreement, CHPSO will promote participation in this project. QA to QI Consulting will provide content for CHPSOs patient safety newsletter and benchmarking information.

Rory Jaffe, MD, MBA Executive Director of CHPSO expects the partnership will add value for his membership. “CHPSO members will be able to obtain confidential and privileged peer review process comparative reports at no charge. This is yet another opportunity for our members to access shared resources and shared experience, accelerating our progress towards eliminating preventable patient harm and improving the quality of healthcare delivery.”

According to Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA, President and CEO of QA to QI Consulting, the Normative Clinical Peer Review Database Project is the critical next step in the operations research he has spearheaded since 2007. “The studies have shown that when doctors do clinical peer review using new methods, hospitalized patients benefit from safer care. Most hospitals need to apply quality improvement principles to their peer review processes. We have a good idea of the general formula for improving peer review, but we have much to learn about the specifics of making such changes effective in all these different places.” The non-commercial Normative Database Project is designed to accelerate collective learning by comparing measures of program effectiveness to data on program structure and process at 6 month intervals. Those hospitals that contribute program data will receive performance norms and benchmarks not otherwise available, and will help advance collective knowledge. Details of the project are available at

Rory Jaffe

Rory Jaffe, MD, MBA is Executive Director of CHPSO. Doctor Jaffe has extensive experience in both clinical care and health system leadership. Prior to joining CHPSO, he was Executive Director of Medical Services for the University of California system. In this role, he served as the senior physician in the system, which included oversight of quality of care at the five academic health systems and the ten student health centers. He also has served on a number of Federal and State advisory committees. For additional information, visit or contact him directly:; 916.552.2600.

Marc T. Edwards

Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA is President and CEO of QA to QI Consulting. He operates a Listed Patient Safety Organization, markets clinical peer review program management software, and assists clients to make improvements in quality, safety and resource use. For additional information, visit or contact him directly:; 860.521.8484.

QA to QI LLC dba QA to QI Consulting (West Hartford, CT; specializes in the development of evidence-based tools for healthcare improvement through operations research.