Newly Approved Connecticut Patient Safety Organization Finds Its First Client

2/7/2012 - Connecticut Childbirth & Women’s Center (Danbury, CT: has chosen QA to QI (West Hartford, CT) to provide both state and federal Patient Safety Organization (PSO) services. According to Connecticut statutes, all hospitals and outpatient surgical centers are required to contract with at least one state-approved PSO.

QA to QI, which has been operating as a federally-approved PSO since June 2010, recently became the 4th Connecticut-approved PSO (see the related press release). Patient Safety Organizations are a product of various federal and state legislative actions during the last decade which sought to promote improved patient safety and quality of care  by connecting healthcare providers with outside expertise and by offering a protected environment for the reporting, investigation and analysis of adverse events. The federal and Connecticut statues complement each other.

Dr. Kenneth Blau of the Connecticut Childbirth & Women's Center notes, "The measurement and maintenance of quality in healthcare is is a challenging yet necessary function that all providers and facilities must embrace. This imperative has become all the more pressing since Connecticut passed Public Act 04-160, which requires all hospital facilities in the state to engage the services of a certified Patient Safety Organization. We have contracted with Dr. Marc Edwards of QA to QI, because he has made the process not only productive, but seamless and painless as well. His communication and availability have been without fault. Obviously, he is committed to provide excellent support to his clients. We look forward to a long-lasting collaborative relationship."

Marc T. Edwards

Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA is President and CEO of QA to QI. He operates a Patient Safety Organization, conducts research in healthcare operations improvement, markets clinical peer review program management software, and assists clients to make improvements in quality, safety and resource use. For additional information, visit or contact him directly:; 860.521.8484.

QA to QI LLC dba QA to QI PSO (West Hartford, CT; specializes in the development of evidence-based tools for healthcare improvement through operations research.