St. Joseph's Hospital Nursing Staff Adopt the Best Practice QI Model for Clinical Peer Review

3/15/2013 - The Department of Nursing at St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center (Syracuse, NY) has engaged Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA of QA to QI (West Hartford, CT) to assist in the development of its clinical peer review process and has chosen PREP-MSTM software to support program management.

According to Dorothy Haag, RN, Director of Quality Improvement, vendor selection was easy. "The nursing leadership was impressed by the dramatic improvement in the medical staff peer review process that was made a few years ago with help from Dr. Edwards. We liked what they've done and wanted to align our new nursing peer review process with it, as far as possible. Dr. Edwards has been highly responsive to our needs. All his recommendations have been helpful. He has also been mindful of our budget constraints."

St. Joseph's Hospital Health System

St. Joseph's Hospital Health System is a 431 bed community hospital that has served the Syracuse and Central New York area for 145 years. St. Joseph’s provides quality care compassionately to the sick and injured.

More than a facility for inpatients, St. Joseph’s health care system puts the patient at the center of its activities. Health care services are available wherever patients are on the health continuum. The interconnection among St. Joseph’s many programs and services allows those patients who need one or more services to receive them in a coordinated, continuous way.

Not only does a network of services make it easier and more convenient for patients, but it also allows St. Joseph’s to offer a complete array of high quality services and fulfill the values of our mission: stewardship, compassion, reverence, excellence and integrity.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center is financially and philosophically committed to providing the best possible health care services at a reasonable cost and to those persons unable to afford them. St. Joseph’s accepts all patients without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or source of payment.

Marc T. Edwards

Marc T. Edwards, MD, MBA is President and CEO of QA to QI LLC. He operates a Patient Safety Organization, conducts research in healthcare operations improvement, markets clinical peer review program management software, and assists clients to make improvements in quality, safety and resource use. For additional information, visit or contact him directly:; 860.521.8484.

QA to QI LLC: A Patient Safety Organization (West Hartford, CT; specializes in the development of evidence-based tools for healthcare improvement through operations research.