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My firm got its name from dialogue with physician leaders about the Quality Improvement Model for clinical peer review as it contrasts with the outmoded, dysfunctional Quality Assurance Model.

QA to QI Client Experience

Marc brought valuable knowledge and expertise to our institution, and helped us raise the bar for clinical quality and performance improvement.

- John Rodis, MD, former SVP, Stamford Hospital

We have been very pleased with the development of the Nursing Practice Peer Review program. Your insight and guidance as a PSO have been invaluable.

- Suzzane Talarico, RN, Performance Improvement Manager , St. Joseph's Hospital

You didn't just give us a fish, you taught us how to fish.

- Matthew Miller, MD, CMO, Danbury Hospital

Thanks for all your hard work, which was integral to our defense. You did a great job of understanding the issues, mastering the documents and articulating your opinions.

- Charles K. Purcell, Partner at Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, PA

Facilitating Better Quality, Safety and Resource Use

By bringing the power of research and innovation to fix dysfunctions in healthcare management.

Current Focus: Removing Barriers to High Reliability

Three National studies of clinical peer review process show that most programs have yet to adopt best practices. The punitive QA Model not only prevails among both physicians and nurses, it is a major barrier to progress in quality & patient safety.

Process Improvement Resources

Any healthcare organization can now easily transition to the QI Model for clinical peer review, which strongly supports a culture of safety and high reliability

Program Management Software

Simplify and strengthen clinical peer review process & data management for nurses and physicians

Federal Protections for Learning from Adverse Events

Comply with ACA and engage clinicians to improve quality & patient safety through self-reporting with Patient Safety Organization services (see whitepaper). Also Connecticut State-approved.

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