Ideas for Improving Patient Safety

It should come as no surprise that Patient Safety Organizations are responsible to develop and disseminate information to promote improvements in patient safety. From 2011-2014, while operating my own Patient Safety Organization, I produced a regular newsletter column to assist other PSOs in fulfilling this responsibility: From QA to QI. My column was featured bi-monthly by CHPSO and quarterly by MHA PSO through the end of 2014.

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2011 (Volume 1)

  1. Finding Hidden Potential for Improvement
  2. QA vs. QI: The Battle Royale
  3. Learning to Improve Safety

2012 (Volume 2)

  1. Clinical Performance Measurement
  2. Minimizing Bias in Clinical Peer Review
  3. Learning from Defects
  4. Self-Reporting
  5. How to Promote Self-Reporting
  6. A Short History of the QA Model

2013 (Volume 3)

  1. Features and Benefits of the QI Model for Clinical Peer Review
  2. Practical Tips for Transforming Clinical Peer Review
  3. Multi-Specialty Peer Review Committees
  4. Morbidity and Mortality Conferences
  5. Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation
  6. Clinical Peer Review Impact on Quality and Safety – Newest Findings

2014 (Volume 4)

  1. Patient Safety Culture
  2. The Role of Leadership in Shaping Culture
  3. Requirements for High Reliability
  4. Just Culture – Fad or Future