Personal Safety in the Coronavirus Era

I continue to accomodate the needs of prospective clients for either telehealth (Zoom, Skype or phone) or in-person consultations. Weather permitting, in-person consultations are preferentially conducted in the comfort of my spacious screened porch. Otherwise, we can use my living room which is large enough to meet social distancing guidelines. In either case, we decide together whether to use masks. The same applies to house-calls.

All face-to-face consultations include an assessment of the state of balance of the Doshas as revealed by the radial pulse. Otherwise, I rely primarily on the history and questionnaires (see below).

Initial Assessment Options

You may choose to have either a comprehensive, all-inclusive initial consultation for a fixed-fee or a limited initial consultation for a time-based fee. In either case, follow up is valuable to assess progress, adjust recommendations and support success with any personal change that you might undertake. The Six Weeks to Health and Complete Consultation/Follow-up packages combine a comprehensive initial consultation with either six weeks or six months of unlimited follow-up at a significant discount.

For those who desire a self-paced learning program to complement their consultation, I also offer access to the Personal Wellness Course from the The Maharishi Integrative AyurVeda Institute. See the Personal Wellness Course page for details and pricing.

Comprehensive Initial Consultation

The comprehensive initial consultation package includes the initial visit, a written summary of findings and recommendations, and a follow-up phone conference or email exchange to provide any needed clarification and answer any remaining questions. If you choose a comprehensive consultation, there are no limits on time.

A typical comprehensive initial consultation lasts two to three hours. With some advance planning, I can do your consultation any day of the week or weekend. I prefer to begin about 9-10 AM or 1-2 PM to allow plenty of time for the process. In exceptional circumstances, we could meet or talk in the evening.

I will ask you to complete several online questionnaires in advance of your consultation that are very important to the process. They give me a lot of information about your situation and help me to focus the consultation on your needs. They will also help you reflect on your situation in light of Ayurvedic principles. Please allow 30-45 minutes for this depending on how comfortable you are with computers and the complexity of your health history. Here they are:

Most clients find much room for personal health improvement when they embrace Ayurveda. It can be a lot to absorb. For this reason, following a comprehensive initial consultation, I send a detailed, written summary with recommendations. Then, we'll reconnect to make sure that you are clear about the recommendations and have a plan to implement them. I'll also answer any additional questions you may have. This entire process is covered in full by the initial consultation fee. Additional follow up may be of great value, but will involve additional fees unless you have chosen the Comprehensive Consultation/Follow-up or Six Weeks to Health Package.

Limited Initial Consultation

Alternatively, for those with more limited ambitions or budgets, and especially for those with substantial past experience with Ayurveda, I can do an initial consultation at my standard hourly rate. Most clients choosing this option require at least 30 minutes to get their questions answered. A limited consultation does not include the detailed written summary that is standard with the comprehensive new client consultation. Those seeking a limited consultation should still plan on completing the same six questionnaires in advance: