Learn How to Enjoy Being a Vegetarian

Enjoy a personalized lesson in vegetarian meal preparation and principles of Ayurveda. Be a guest in my kitchen. See how easy it is to make delicious, nutritious and healthful dishes. Then, savor the results. Most prefer to come for lunch (the main meal) or a light supper, but we can also do breakfast. Classes scheduled on demand: Dinner or breakfast - $30 per person ($50 for couples); Lunch - $40 per person ($60 for couples). Treat yourself or a loved one to a health-promoting party.

Ayurvedic cooking class

First Cooking Class - West Hartford, CT


Vegetarianism comes in different flavors, but from an Ayurvedic perspective, I use the term to mean lacto-vegetarian, i.e., consuming only plant-based foods plus milk products - and excluding meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. Moreover, Ayurveda generally eschews raw food, except fruit. In addition to offering benefits for personal health, a vegetarian diet contributes to a sustainable planet and spiritual advancement.

Ayurvedic cooking class

Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking is meant to satisfy the stomach, heart and body. It is a joy, not a sacrifice, to follow Ayurvedic principles. But there is a learning curve. The ingredients and cooking techniques are foreign to many omnivores. It is not easy to find restaurants that showcase good Ayurvedic vegetarian food.

I first tried to become a vegetarian during medical school. Armed with Diet for a Small Planet, the Tassajara Bread Book and similar guides of the day, I had a lot of fun learning new techniques and tasting new food combinations. In the process, I began to pass a lot of gas. While it wasn't uncomfortable, it was a social problem and eventually led me to back off.

Years later, when I learned more about Ayurveda, I discovered that the gas was a sign of Vata aggravation due to unsuitable foods and cooking techniques. Since 2000, I have enjoyed the many benefits of an Ayurvedic vegetarian diet without gas or other side-effects. So, come join me for a cooking class and find out for yourself how easy it can be to prepare and savor Ayurvedic vegetarian food.

Cooking Class Options

I offer classes on demand for groups of up to 7 adults in my home. The spacious kitchen island makes it easy for all to see and hear what's going on, while I explain the process and answer questions. Alternatively, with some advance planning, I can work with whatever is available in the host's home.

I routinely adjust the menu according to season and to the dietary preferences and interests of the participants.

Kitchen Island

Preparation for Move-In Ceremony - Chapel Hill, NC

Typical Lunch Menu

  • One or more main dishes with whole grains, legumes and vegetables (see Recipes for examples)
  • Lassi
  • Dessert

Typical Dinner Menu

Choice of one of the following per person:

  • Mung bean soup with chapatis (unleavened bread)
  • Kichari
  • Milky grains (oatmeal, rice or bulgur wheat cooked in milk)

Typical Breakfast Menu

Choice of one of the following per person:

  • Lightly stewed apple or pear compote and date-almond shake
  • Milky grains (oatmeal, rice or bulgur wheat cooked in milk)