What Do I Need to Do to Improve My Health?

Ayurveda offers a wealth of information on how to improve health and prevent disease. Digestion, diet and daily routine should be your primary focus. Here's the general game plan:

  1. Nourish healthful eating habits
  2. Normalize digestion
  3. Reduce Ama, then follow seasonal detoxification procedures
  4. Maintain a health-promoting daily routine
  5. Fast on liquids one day each week
  6. Get picky about what you eat: beans, greens, whole grains, ripe fruit, lassi

Beyond this, the best long term strategy is to recognize and deal with imbalances of the Doshas before they lead to problems. A consultation and pulse reading is the most accurate method to assess for imbalance, but this brief questionnaire is an easy place to start and will give you an idea of common results of imbalances in Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

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Signs of Vata Imbalance
Signs of Pitta Imbalance
Signs of Kapha Imbalance
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Questionnaire adapted with permission from Fundamentals of Maharishi Ayurveda © 2011 Maharishi Ayurveda Products International, Inc.