What is the Nature of My Digestion?

Ayurveda explains how the qualities of the food we eat bear on the balance of our Doshas, and on the quality of our tissues and consciousness. Yet, it is not enough to eat wholesome foods in proper quantity and combination at appropriate times. If the digestive fire known as Agni is not strong and balanced, we are unable to properly process that food. The result can be that, instead of producing healthy tissues and Ojas (the essence of the tissues which promotes strength, vitality, immunity from disease, and the growth of consciousness), the digestive system produces Ama (toxic products that clog the channels of the body) and, thereby, sows the seeds of disease.

Avoid the danger that has not yet come. Correct problems with digestion without delay. Often this can be accomplished by shifting to a diet that is lighter in quality and quantity while attending to the basic Ayurvedic guidelines. If the problem is severe or longstanding, herbs become an important adjunct to treatment.

This brief questionnaire will characterize the quality of your digestion and highlight any imbalances. I ask all new clients to complete it as an adjunct to their consultation. It supplements the pulse reading and the responses to the other questionnaires.

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Qualities of Digestion

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My hunger is:

After eating, my digestion is:

My food capacity is:

I find that my body weight is:

My energy level is:

My bowel movements are:

My stool tends to be:

Troubling Digestive Symptoms

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