Nourishing Bodily Tissues

3 Doshas

Rasayanas (literally, "that which enters the essence") are intended to negate old age and disease by entering into and strengthening bodily tissues at the most subtle level. Rasayanas are designed to preserve health and promote longevity in healthy people. They enhance Ojas, the most refined product of digestion, which is the subtle source of the body's strength and immunity. There is no equivalent in western medicine.

For full benefit, Rasayanas are to be taken regularly for long periods of time. They are stopped temporarily during seasonal detoxification, menstruation and pregnancy.

Many highly prized Ayurvedic herbs have Rasayana properties even though they are also used to treat imbalances. In order to receive full value from Rasayanas, imbalances should generally be corrected before beginning Rasayana therapy. This is particularly important when Ama or indigestion is a problem.

Sattvic behaviors also have a Rasayana effect on the physiology. See The Three Gunas for more information.

The following Rasayanas are available from Maharishi Ayurvedic Products ( If you order herbs or personal care products from MAPI using the links on my website, I will receive a 20% commission. Whether or not you use these links, the price you pay will be the same.

First Choice: Maharishi Amrit Kalash

In the early 1980s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi convened the most renown Ayurvedic experts to re-vitalize the knowledge of Ayurveda, including the exacting methods for harvesting and preparing herbs for ancient formulas. In the Vedic tradition, Amrit was the nectar of the gods which conferred immortality. Maharishi Amrit Kalash is a super Rasayana that brings together the best of best in proper combination. Amrit comes in two mutually synergistic formulations: Ambrosia tablets and Nectar paste. Ideally, they are both taken. The herbs in the Nectar paste are mixed with sugar, honey and ghee, which act as a "vehicle" to enhance their bioavailability and simultaneously provide additional nourishment. If you are obese or suffer from Diabetes, Amrit Nectar tablets would be a better choice.

While the total monthly cost may be prohibitive for some, there is still substantial benefit in taking them even once a day. If you opt for once-a-day therapy, I recommend that you take the Ambrosia tablet in the morning on an empty stomach (before meditation) and let it dissolve in your mouth. In that case, take 1 rounded tsp. (10 gm) of the Nectar paste (or 1 Nectar tablet) at bedtime accompanied by a little warm water or boiled milk. For maximum benefit, take an additional dose of the Nectar paste before breakfast right from the spoon and another Ambrosia tablet about 4 PM or before your evening meditation.

Alternatives to Amrit Kalash

The following Rasayanas could be taken instead of Maharishi Amrit Kalash and would not ordinarily be combined with it.

Rejuvenation for Men or Women

These Rasayanas are specifically formulated to improve energy and vitality for men and women respectively.

Vital Man and Woman

These Rasayanas might be taken by men and women respectively as preparation for having children.


This ancient formula was created by an elderly Ṛishi who took a young wife and wanted to improve his vitality and youthfulness in order to bear progency. It is especially useful to strengthen the body and immune system in winter or to nourish the lungs. Take 1 rounded tsp. (10 gm) twice a day with warm water or boiled milk. Alternatively, it can be spread on flatbread or toast. It is available from other vendors including Banyan

Supplemental Rasayanas

These Rasayanas may be taken in combination with Maharishi Amrit Kalash or its alternatives. One might chose to do this if focused on specific health goals.


Digestone is a classic Ayurvedic formulation for balancing the Doshas and supporting good digestion and elimination. It is of particular value in those who are prone to Vata or Pitta related digestive disturbances. Digestone is Triphala (three fruits) supplemented with Cabbage Rose. Digestone is highly compatible with Maharishi Amrit Kalash Nectar. The usual dose is 1-2 tablets (1-2 gm) at bedtime with boiled milk or warm water.

Triphala is available from Organic India and Banyan, which also offers bulk packaging. The bulk Triphala powder is the most cost-effective option for those who need a larger dose to maintain regularity, but it tastes awful. It should be mixed in 1/4 cup of warm water rather than hot milk. Follow with milk if desired. One teaspoon equals 4 gm.

Youthful Mind or Intelligence Plus

These Rasayanas specifically nourish the brain. Youthful Mind would be best for anyone who is keen to prevent age-related cognitive decline. Intelligence Plus would be a good choice for students or knowledge workers who want to stay sharp and focused..