How Well Do My Habits Align with Ayurvedic Principles?

This is often the key question for those who are looking to resolve chronic problems or to optimize long term health.

I routinely ask all clients to complete this questionnaire. You'll find that your low scoring items are opportunities for improvement in health, vitality and longevity. I provide guidance in setting priorities as a key component of my consultation process. I also offer my clients tips on how to make desired changes in the context of everything else that needs to be considered, including life goals, preferences, current lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, etc.

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Personal Health Habits
How Often Do You Consume? Never Rarely Monthly Every
Weekly Every
Daily Several
Ice water or other cold drinks
Matcha, kombucha, black, white or green teas
Beverages containing alcohol
Fermented foods like mold-ripened cheeses, sauerkraut, kimchi, and tempeh (excluding yogurt)
Cold cow's milk (alone or on or cereal)
Cook with honey or add it to hot beverages like tea
Ice cream, frozen yogurt or other frozen treat
Bananas or strawberries with cow's milk, cream, ice cream or yogurt
Cheese, yogurt, sour cream or other curds in the evening
Left-over food
Untoasted, yeasted bread or bagels
Vinegar or vinegar-based condiments like ketchup and salad dressings
Raw vegetables or salads
Items like custard, French toast, cakes, muffins, brownies, etc. that combine cow's milk with eggs
Frozen food
Microwaved food
Pesticide-laden food such as conventionally-grown apples, strawberries, green beans and kale
Tomatoes, white potatoes, bell peppers or mature eggplant (nightshade family vegetables)
Red meats such as beef, pork, hamburger, sausage, salami, etc.
Canned food
Ultra-processed foods
Peanuts or peanut butter
Char-grilled food
Fried food
Drink liquids that were packaged in aluminum cans
Food that was cooked or served in contact with aluminum
How Often Do You Eat? Never Rarely Monthly Every
Weekly Every
Daily Several
While otherwise engaged in activity such as driving, working, watching TV or reading
While standing up
Too quickly
When you aren't really hungry
When you are emotionally upset
Within a few hours of a main meal
Restaurant or take-out food
Your main meal in the morning or evening rather than at mid-day
Lunch after 2 PM
Dinner after 7 PM
How Often Do You? Never Rarely Monthly Every
Weekly Every
Daily Several
Jump into activity immediately after a meal, rather than pause to let your food settle
Forcibly suppress a natural urge (e.g., to urinate, defecate, pass wind, yawn, belch, etc.)
Spend time in the company of people who argue, complain, criticize, threaten or otherwise stress or depress you
Exercise vigorously within 1 hour of a main meal
Use tobacco products
Use psychoactive substances besides alcohol and tobacco
Engage in sexual activity without a loving partner
Get physical exercise
Eat legumes like lentils, peas or beans
Snack after dinner (other than boiled milk)
Skip lunch altogether
Take a nap during the day
Lay down to sleep after 10 PM
Sleep in past 6 AM
Rely on an alarm clock to wake up
Exercise vigorously in the evening

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Original questionnaire adapted with permission from Maharishi Ayurveda Products International, Inc.
Major Revision February 2, 2021